This site will provide information on quality binoculars, where to find them and where to buy them at the best prices. Although we have a preference for Steiner Binoculars we are not going to just showcase those, we will attempt to find the best optics for the right use. If that is Steiner, so be it, if not we will show the alternatives

We will also try to find the best and cheapest place to buy quality binoculars and provide an easy way to look quickly at the specification and price of each item

Who We Are

Binocular Buffs
that’s the simple truth, we love quality binoculars, the magical way they can make something in the far distance appear to be at the end of your nose!! We love the quality of the construction, the quality of the lenses, the huge choice available for just about every use you can think of. If we can get that feeling across to someone who is just thinking about getting a pair, then we’ve done our job.

Why Binoculars?

Incredible Value for Money!
and a piece of unsurpassed engineering in a small package. We are talking about quality binoculars here and not cheap mass produced rubbish. The old saying of “you get what you pay for” certainly applies with binoculars. Go for a cheap pair and you will regret it. Spend enough to get quality and you’ll make a life time purchase which will give you much pleasure and interest.

Which Ones to Buy?

We admit to being Steiner biased but…
we will discuss any quality binoculars here as long as they do the job they are designed for and they match our quest for quality and design. The main thing is, don’t try to buy a quality pair of binoculars for silly money, they don’t exist and you’ll end up with something which belongs in the bin!