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“reviews of Alpen binoculars
– Rainier, Teton and Alpen Pro Series “

Alpen state that their aim is to provide top-rated binoculars at value-rated prices.

And, on the whole, they achieve their objective.This American company is a fairly new entrant into the quality optics market, having been established in 1997 by two one-time employees of Bausch and Lomb.

Offering some seventy products and accessories, they specialize in binoculars suited to birding, hunting, and sporting events … in other words, the Great Outdoors in general.

One of their first binocular lines was their Apex series. With these mid-priced binoculars, Alpen definitely achieved quality at an affordable price.

In 2006, they decided to offer customers even higher quality with their Rainier Range … but at a significantly higher price …

Alpen binoculars – rainier series

You’ll discover these full-sized, hand-held binoculars in sizes 8×42, 10×42, 8×32, and 10×32.

  • Definitely Alpen’s high-end product, you’ll find them pricey – around the $1,000 mark – but, nevertheless, they receive consistently rave revues from satisfied customers.Rugged, and well-suited to the Outdoors and birding, these easy-to-use binoculars offer some spectacular features: roof prism design
  • nitrogen-purged to render them dust, fog and waterproof
  • O-ring sealed to ensure non-leakage of nitrogen
  • extra-large prisms made of BAK4 glass
  • long eye relief, suited to those who wear glasses

These are definitely superior binoculars, worth the money, and you’ll enjoy excellent light transmission.

Perhaps the only drawback is their weight.

Their extra-large prisms make them heavier than the average roof prism binocular.

Otherwise, superb binoculars, and extremely well-rated by customers.

Alpen binoculars – teton series

Alpen introduced their full-sized, Teton binocular range in mid-2007.

Available in sizes 8×42, 8.5×50, 10×42, and 10×50 they are, once again, high-end binoculars, although slightly cheaper than the Rainier Series.

Very similar to Rainiers, you’ll find their optics excellent, although their image brightness – in particular in low-light conditions – doesn’t quite compare.

As with Rainiers, they’re of roof prism design, nitrogen-purged, sealed, with prisms made of BAK4 glass.

They’re also slightly slimmer and lighter than Rainiers, which can be seen as a plus if you don’t enjoy lugging heavy binoculars about.

All-in-all, Tetons offer a fine alternative to the Rainier Range should you wish to save yourself a couple of hundred dollars.

Alpen binoculars – pro series

If you’re after compact binoculars, the Alpen Pro Line includes several.

They’re extremely affordable – just over the $100 range – and nice and light.

Of reverse porro-prism design, they’re unfortunately neither water nor fog-proof.

But, you’ll find them a good choice as your secondary pair of binoculars, or for general travel/sporting/opera events.Any drawbacks are only the same as you’ll find in all compact binoculars.

Alpen binoculars – sport series

Right down at the low end of the Alpen product list you’ll discover their really affordable Sport Line.Their small, but rugged, body and smaller lenses make them lighter.

Image quality is still reasonable and, for their price, you’ll find them hard to beat.

Alpen binoculars – conclusion

For a relative newcomer, Alpen offers a varied choice of quality optics in a wide range of prices, all particularly suited to the Outdoors.

A big plus is that Alpen backs their products with a limited lifetime factory warranty, the company offering to repair or replace them as long as you’re the original buyer.It will be really interesting to see what other products they introduce over the coming years.

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