Binoculars Glasses for Opera

binoculars glasses for opera – what should you look for? what different types will you find?…

Whether your passion is opera, dance, theater or concerts, you surely enjoy an outing to view live performances at least occasionally.

But, unless you use opera glasses or theater binoculars, you certainly won’t have wrung the most out of the entertainment.

Without opera glasses you’re sure to miss expressions on actors’ faces … intricate detail of costume … precision of dance movements …

Once you’ve watched a performance with the aid of theater binoculars, you won’t wish to do without them!.

What’s more, you ladies will discover several wonderfully elegant pairs that are not only practical to use, but also a beautiful fashion accessory.

Binoculars Glasses for Opera –
What To Look For

Opera glasses differ from most other binoculars in that they’re designed for indoor use as opposed to outdoor use.

You’ll also need a pair that have a strong enough magnification to view detail, without losing field of view as you’ll wish to be able to see all the stage.

For this reason, a magnification of around 3x is considered ideal, with an objective lens of 21-25 mm.

You’ll also be looking for something compact and lightweight.

Most theater binoculars have a central focus adjustment, which you’ll find easy-to-use, just needing to be set the once.

You’ll discover a few with fixed focus, and these won’t need to be set at all.

Consider also appearance – do you prefer a colorful, elegant pair … or something more formal and practical?

Binoculars Glasses for Opera –
Types and Price

Opera glasses basically come in five different types, though these can come combined:

  • traditional – like a mini pair of binoculars
  • with chain – to place round your neck
  • with handle – a lorgnette type
  • with light – to help read progam in the dark
  • fold-up ones

And prices range from well under $50, to over $200 for a fancy pair of Swarovski Crystal opera glasses.

Binoculars Glasses for Opera – Examples

Which makes are the best?

This really depends on the type you’re after, and how much you wish to pay.

Vixen offer an extremely affordable pair of plain and simple fold-ups for under $10.

Zhumell produce inexpensive traditional types, and Masterpiece traditionals also receive excellent reviews.

Barska’s 3×25 with light is also popular, and won’t break the bank.

Or, if you fancy something both visually attractive and high-end, go for one of Swarovski’s Crystal opera glasses.

One thing’s for sure … once you’ve used theater binoculars, you won’t go to another performance without them!

Binoculars Glasses for Opera

Binoculars Glasses for Opera

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