Night Scope Binoculars

Leupold are a company who make night scope binoculars.

Leupold binoculars have produced quality sports optics, since its humble beginnings back in 1907. Overtime Leupold have expanded into the hunting and shooting market. These days they are a dominant force, and their innovative optics are legendary amongst outdoor enthusiasts, hunters for spotting their prey, and shooters.

Many of the industry’s standards for night scope binoculars were Leopold’s creations, including the Duplex reticle, and nitrogen waterproofing. These days the company trades under the name of Leupold & Stevens Instruments Co.

Back in 1947, Marcus Leupold missed a shot because of a fogged lens in his rifles sight scope. This led him to develop the 2.5xPlainsman riflescope. This was just the beginning of the many inventions to come.

In the year 2000 Leupold introduced illuminated reticle technology, the night vision scope. These light scope systems offered shooters and hunters, access to better quality light management, and the ability to pinpoint a shot, in low light conditions.

By 2005, they revolutionized the nightvision scope with Alumina accessories, providing shooters with the capabilities to change shooting and lighting conditions, with a number of filters. A new line of Golden Ring binoculars becomes the new benchmark in performance.

In 2006, they announced two major productions; a line of range finders and the groundbreaking VX-L rifle nightscope.

Tasco binoculars also have had quite a history. Founded by George Rosenfield in 1954, they soon expanded, and by 1966 had works in Washington and Florida. Celestron bought them out in 1998, but by May 2002, Tasco had applied for bankruptcy.

However in June the parent company of Bushnell bought Tasco, and they were then sold alongside Bushnell to Mid Ocean Partners. Tasco binoculars are still sold today.

Tasco World Class 15-45X50MM 38154550 Spotting Scopes are an excellent mid-range performer with an outstanding field-of-view, even at lower powers. They have a zoom with sufficient magnification to view the finest details.

If you are looking for night vision goggles; I can recommend American Technologies Network Corporation (ATN).

ATN night vision systems are extensively renown for the most inventive, original, and highest quality night vision products made. They manufacture the largest range of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations of night vision binoculars, goggles, monoculars and night vision scopes on today’s market. You will find that atn have a product for all budgets, and situations.

As a hunter you will also be interested in the nightforce scope. Nightforce assemble their cutting edge scopes in their factory in Idaho. The advanced mechanical designs are unparalleled in the industry of night scope binoculars, and they have to pass rigorous testing prior to shipping.

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