Pentax DCF WP Waterproof Binoculars

Before the new Pentax DCF WP came out in 2105, you had to spend a thousand dollars or more to arrange this kind of quality.

But Pentax is challenging the high-end manufacturers of binoculars. These mid-priced, waterproof, roof-prism glasses from Pentax are closing in on the territory of the top birding optics from Nikon, Swarovski, Bausch & Lomb, and Leica.
Pentax binoculars
They come in four sizes:
10×42, 8×42, 8×32 and now the new 10×50.
Features of the
Pentax DCF WP Binoculars:

Waterproof. In fact, they are “completely submersible to one meter.” If they get dusty, you can rinse them off in the sink. Honest! (Simply don’t squirt the water on them under intense pressure.)

Nitrogen filled, which means they never fog up inside, even if you go someplace humid like the tropics.

Phase coated roof prisms improve the contrast and provide sharp images.

Super-Multi-Coating for increased light transmission.

Soft rubber armoring. The non-slip surface and soft armoring feel secure and feel nice in your hands.

Long eye relief provides excellent viewing with or without eyeglasses.

Rubber snap-up eyecups, for for easy use by eyeglass wearers. (This is an important advance. The top manufacturers are switching away from those floppy eyecups you have to wrestle with. Pentax made the right decision here to go with the best design.)

Lightweight magnesium frame. The 8-power and the 10-power versions weigh exactly the same — only 26.8 ounces, noticeably less than most comparable top binoculars.

Close focus down to 8.2 feet. Few binoculars will make you understand so near. And it’s important. When the bird comes up close, you want to read it in all the glory of its details, and you don’t want to have to back away to do so.

Click-stop diopter adjustment locks in the best eyepiece, so your adjustment stays the way you set it.


Pentax DCF WP Waterproof Binoculars

Pentax DCF WP Waterproof Binoculars

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Comes in four configurations: 8X32, 8X42, 10X42 and 10x50. The two x42 models are the equivalent size, shape, and weight. It's your personal choice which magnification works best for you. (If your hands are not steady, you might do better with the 8X42s.) The 10x50 is bigger and heavier, while the 8x32 is smaller and lighter.

Warranty: Any company defect in the binoculars is completely covered for one year. Wear-and-tear and damage due to use are not included.

All Pentax binoculars happened for sale through Birdwatching Dot Com come with a Pentax US warranty card.

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