Stabilized Binoculars

Stabilized binoculars … how they work… which are the best…

Looking for binoculars which show a steady, shake-free image, even when riding in a vehicle?

Or perhaps you wish to enjoy the benefits of larger magnification without the set-back of hand tremor, for using powerful binoculars can definitely result in a shaky image.

If either of the above applies to you, image stabilized binoculars or IS binoculars could be your answer.

How Do Image Stabilized Binoculars Work?

Image stabilized binoculars have an inside mechanism which takes care of these problems, decreasing the effect of movement.

They can be used from, say, a boat or a plane, and, because image stabilization allows an easier use of high magnification binoculars, they’re also popular with amateur astronomers.

You’ll find a number of companies producing high-quality IS binoculars, such as Canon, Nikon and Bushnell.

There are three basic types of stabilized binoculars:

  • gyro
  • vary angle
  • cardanic suspension

Let’s take a look at them …


Some binoculars have gyroscope built in that works at stabilizing the image even when it’s strongly shaken.

The internal motor powered by the gyroscope is responsible for this great performance, but it needs batteries or an external power source, which does make the model slightly inconvenient.

Also, actuation requires some time, they tend to be a little heavy, and therefore are not so easy to handle.

Examples include Nikon 14×40, Fujinon 14×40, and Bushnell 10×35. (Check out Stabilized Binoculars Reviews further down this page.)

Vary Angle

A more advanced model is the one using incorporated processors to regulate the image and control the prism, even when moving.

Several sensors are placed in different parts of the binoculars, and these transmit signals to the processor.

A big plus is that stabilization is almost instant, but these models also require batteries, although they’re not as heavy as the gyroscope-based type.

Examples include Canon 15×50, and Canon 10×30.

Cardanic Suspension

Your best IS binocular option is one with cardanic suspension – ideal for reducing hand-tremor and obtaining a shake-free image.

Inside this type of binocular you’ll find a suspended prism mechanism, which is extremely sensitive to each movement, steadying the image within a couple of seconds.

Another great advantage is that they do not require batteries, which makes them lighter and more manageable than the gyroscope type.

Stabilized Binoculars Reviews – Bushnell

The Bushnell 10×35 StableView image stabilized binoculars are very popular among Bushnell Binocular users.

As well as their image stabilization capability, they’re also waterproof and fogproof. Plus, their image is sharp and clear, with good contrast.

On the downside, they have only a two year limited warranty and their price is over $500.

Stabilized Binoculars Reviews – Nikon

A higher-priced product comes from Nikon.

It’s called Nikon Stabileyes 14×40 w/Image Stabilizer Binocular and is designed for boating and other outdoor activities.

Relatively easy to handle, with perfect optics, their quality of color is also widely appreciated.

The only criticism from Nikon Binoculars followers is regarding their performance is that the image tends to jump a little when focusing on detail.

Stabilized Binoculars Reviews – Canon

The Canon 15×50 image stabilization all weather model is mid priced between the two models above.

The Canon Binoculars large magnification recommends the product, the image stabilization technology making it possible to enjoy this benefit with minimal shaking and hand tremor.

However, it is rather heavy, making it hard to use for long periods of time.

Stabilized Binoculars Reviews – Summary

When choosing a pair of image stabilized binoculars, you first need to work out exactly what you need, and this will depend on what you intend to use them for.

Then, it’s a matter of shopping around until you find the best buy for you.

If you own a pair of image stabilized binoculars why don’t you Submit a Review of the process you went through to decide on which brand to buy & your thoughts about your purchase since then?, our readers would love to hear from you!.

Stabilized Binoculars

Stabilized Binoculars

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